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TIV2 anti-tornado research vehicle. It has hydraulic spikes that nail it to the ground. 
This footage is recorded from inside.

Holy fucking shit…

fun fact my mom and oldest sister once got caught right in a tornado… in a minivan in a ditch. literally in the funnel.
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Yujin Sick
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so can someone explain why it seems fundamentalist christians hate and/or think environmentalism or any push to conserve the environment is a sin/evil?

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an idea popped in my head while I was in bed so I crawled out of bed just to draw it very quickly. ((will most likely color it in the morning or something))





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we did a blood drive at one of the ski resorts today, got to ride the gondola up to the lodge up near the top of the mountain and hang out on the patio overlooking the entire valley, drink coffee in the lodge, and sit by the fire

and I’ve decided that if I am still not allowed to ski this winter, then this summer, I’m going to spend a three day weekend at one of the resorts and get a spa package and go all out 

(plus since its summer at the ski resorts I can go all out for a long weekend for under 200)

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I was chatting with a donor before I drew his blood, and he was a dentist. when I actually drew him, there was just a little squirt of blood and it surprised him

I looked him in they eye and told him “you’re bleeding because you don’t floss”

and he went dead silent

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we as a society need to start talking about abusive friendships, bc those exist and seem to be really common

and most people in them dont know how do deal w the abuse bc its normally emotional abuse which.gets delegitimized, and its a platonic relationship and not a romo or sexual one, so it gets delegitimized for that too