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Reblog if you would watch a show about transgender fashion experts who help other trans folk who are still transitioning to dress well and for their body types

A trans version of What Not To Wear needs to happen, am I right??

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be nice

I’m not being rude. I think it’s perfectly okay to call out unwanted behavior.

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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US (by Alexis Coram)
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Candles featuring the artwork of Stephen Gammell, popular as the illustrations from  Alvin Schwartz’s Scar Stories to Tell in the Dark series.
Buy them(for me) at BadMoonShop
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in our current house, we have never made any contact with the mormons/LDS church.

The bishop of the young single adults ward just showed up at our door and asked for tash and lexi by name.

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Ethiopian Opal with a rare ‘Honeycomb’ Pattern

Mermaid scales
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Bowen Park, British Columbiatumblr | flickr | facebook | society6Do Not Remove My Credits
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